First, it must be said that I am a lover of light. I am also a lover of experience, for it is experience that reveals to us unbridled human emotion, character, passion, and connection.  My hope is that this love unfolds with intention and beauty in the photographs I create. To be not merely one with a camera, but an artist, a craftsman, a visual narrator who is masterful in observing the moments between seconds with a discriminating eye and impassioned heart. For it is these fractions of time where an ebb and flow of often unseen beauty discretely exposes itself to us should we be consciously looking.


I began creating portraits in 2007. I am available for in-studio and on-location portraits commissions, creative portfolio building, commercial projects, and editorial assignments worldwide, but I am local to Washington state. 

253 310 2355

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Play. June-July, 2012. A Smith Gallery. Johnson City, Texas. Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Juror.